February 10, 2021

Paint by numbers is currently the latest technique in teaching beginners, both children, and adults, how to create art with a guided method

The first thing you should know is that painting by numbers is all about perspective. The numbers you choose to paint by will affect the way the viewer sees and feels the image. You would want the viewer to see an image exactly as it looks in real life, not just an approximation. If you use your own picture to create paint by numbers on canvas, you will provide an exceptional reference to how an actual image might look. For example, it can create an illusion of distance, depth, and dimension; it can create a theme or focal point, providing some artistic direction.

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Advantages of DIY Paint by Numbers

One of the primary advantages of practicing with DIY paint by numbers is that it is easy to use. The process is highly recommended for allowing kids to hone their enthusiasm in art and painting. Even adults looking for a relaxing and satisfying hobby can quickly turn to paint by numbers as an outlet. Since the colors are already blended, there's no need for extra time to prep the color palettes before you can start to paint. 


Masterpiece with Personalized Paint by Number DIY Art Kits


The results are impressive enough for beginners. However, if you want to add a personal touch to your art, this can still be the perfect option. A well-designed and unique art item will always speak much more than a store-bought painting. 

How to Paint by Numbers

Painting by numbers involves three easy steps. First, look for the matching color of a number on the outline, dip your brush on the paint, and start painting! Repeat the process, and you'll become a skilled paint by numbers artist in no time! You can always check your progress on the color instruction guide to ensure that you're following the right colors and numbers.

What is Personalized Paint by Number?

Personalized paint by number is transforming a custom photograph of your choice to obtain an outlined and numbered canvas with corresponding colors labeled accordingly. The canvas outline will guide you on properly combining the colors to achieve a painted replica of the picture. 

You can choose any image you want to paint, and we can customize an all-inclusive paint by numbers kit. All the materials needed will be ready for you to use, such as the canvas, acrylic paint, brushes, and a full-color photo guide. You even have the option to order a framed canvas so you can easily mount and enjoy your masterpiece on the wall once you've finished. 

Custom DIY Paint by Numbers Kit

Custom DIY paint by number kits is a great way to create personalized art for personal enjoyment. 

The price of these kits varies depending on their size and the inclusions. Most kits can be used by anyone with a little knowledge of painting and a few essential tools. If you choose to purchase the canvas and accessories separately, they can be more expensive than the cost of buying a complete kit. Some suppliers also sell classic paint by number designs, which gives you the ability to choose from several more options.

By purchasing a kit, you can get started with your art project right away. Experienced painters often prefer to start from scratch using a blank canvas and blending their own colors. However, if you are a beginner and don't want to have to do these steps yourself, purchasing a DIY paint kit is an excellent way to go. 

How Long Does Paint by Numbers Take to Finish?

A simple paint by number project can take a few hours, maybe 6 to 10 hours to complete. However, paint by number designs with more intricate details could take days to accomplish. It actually depends on how focused you are to finish these projects.

Personalized Paint by Number DIY Art Kits

Kids often like easier projects to finish. You might want to consider choosing a design that would only take an hour or two to complete. Depending on their age, it might only take less than an hour before they feel tired and grumpy. Plus, if they don't like the results, they would want to start all over. Nonetheless, they will certainly feel the excitement of trying something new, especially when it involves lots of colors. Artistic children can get in an art project for a few hours straight without complaints. The essential part in ensuring that they enjoy the experience is to probably let them choose the design they want to work on. In this case, custom DIY paint by numbers would be the best choice!

Adults can work faster than children. However, as mentioned above, the length of time it takes to finish paint by numbers project varies on the project's complexity. The advantage you have working with this art is it saves you a lot of prepping time. Since all the paint materials are ready to use, you can immediately jump right into completing your very own painting.

Final Remarks

There is no limit to what you can create with paint by numbers art projects. There might be some projects, though, that will require more than an entire day. The great thing is that you can quickly leave your painting when you need to do other stuff and come right back to it without hassle. With DIY paint by numbers, all you have to do is pick up your brush, dip it in colors, and create your masterpiece.

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