Where do we come from? We are part of this world as you are, we are part of this day-to-day life where sometimes we don't have time for ourselves. That is the reason why Rachel and I (Barbie), two best friends from High School and also art enthusiasts, decided that it was time to create something that will change everyone's lives, a different kind of art.

Rachel and I met in middle school, and we have been like sisters since then. From time to time, whenever things were rough or we were feeling down, we gave each other colorful gifts that made our day a little happier. Now we have grown and graduated from college, but this tradition hasn't stopped, and we wanted to share it with the world by creating Colorful Art Gift.

Colorful Art Gift is the perfect present for anyone who loves art, and wants to bring the happiness and serenity we all need to escape from our busy lives every once in a while. But why is it perfect? Because this gift will be painted by yourself, at your own pace and with your own style. The best part is, is that when it's done you can hang it up on your favorite spot, so everyone can appreciate your own art.

We like to think that art was created in this world to be shared with people and bring joy to everyone who appreciates its beauty and passion. That is why you should share happiness and colors to your family and friends by giving them this perfect gift, our Colorful Art Gift. 

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