Colorful Art Gift started as the idea of making art accessible to everyone.

When I was in college, studying Visual Arts, I felt so passionate about sharing the beautiful experience of art that it became a personal dream for me to give the opportunity of painting masterpieces to my closest friends and family. 

I knew at that time that I was born with the “gift” of art (at least this is how my family and friends call it). It has always been so easy for me to understand dimensions, colors, shapes, field of view, perceptions... but whenever I tried to explain this to my grandma, she would just stare at me and laugh saying “I can barely draw a stickman”.

And yet, I knew she wanted to learn and try. She knew the benefits of art as a hobby. So, I wouldn’t give up on her! 

In the arts, the years of practice define a great part of the career of an artist. Let’s not forget the frustration of seeing your inspiration crumble when trying to paint with all your heart, but not being able to achieve what you desired. Whether due to lack of skills, misuse of colors, very strong or weak lines, poor handling of light and shadow. Overall, there are so many reasons that can make a piece of art go straight to the trash. 

Art has given me infinite personal and professional satisfaction. Colors, textures, techniques, materials and styles are part of the enriching universe of the arts. 

But most importantly, the painting process, the time you employ to yourself, to dive into a journey of meditation, introspection, creativity and discovery, the gratification of completing something amazing with your own hands. I personally believe this is the true essence of art. 

Here is where I found Painting by Numbers. The concept is simple... match the colors with the numbers assigned to each color on the canvas. What a perfect way to make it easy for everyone to paint! 

I came to my grandma’s home with a Santorini, Greece – Paint by Numbers Kit. She loved it! She put on her kitchen apron and started right away. A few days later, she gave me a call and asked me to pay her a visit to look at the result. I was surprised. 

Yet, it was not because of the painting itself (though it looked fantastic!), but it was because of her excitement and the whole set up to unveil it and setting up a small afternoon tea at the backyard where she explained to me the whole process and how she found the experience extremely rewarding. 

It was then, when she said, “It would be so special if I could paint that old anniversary photo of your grandpa and me”. 

A light bulb blinked! I told her I would look for a way to make that possible... It wasn’t easy at that time, there was no similar store providing this custom service. So, I decided to roll up my sleeves, learn the how-to and see where that would take me. 

Colorful Art Gift has been the result of this journey. Art can communicate feelings and emotions; a paintbrush becomes so much more. It can tell stories, bring back memories or build dreams that can be expressed on a canvas. We want people to be able to enjoy art and all its benefits without distinction of age, with or without skills, and best of all: to paint whatever they want. Whatever is important for our customers, what would really make them feel proud or excited and what would turn out to be a masterpiece worth keeping in a visible place of their homes. 

My grandma was delighted with her Personalized Paint by Numbers kit. She even asked us to arrange an unveiling ceremony, we brought the family together and it was such a special moment to rejoice on those memories. 


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