Folding Watercolor Fan - Includes Waterpen

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Art that Fits Your Pocket! 

We are really excited to introduce our newest product: The Folding Watercolor Fan. A complete new way of carrying your colors and brush with you everywhere. This portable set of watercolors featured in a folding fan that opens to reveal beautiful, bright and natural solid watercolors. The size of the case will fit with ease inside your pocket or handbag, which makes it a super convenient art companion! 

 Ever faced that situation when you miss your painting tools at a cafe or a waiting room? We know how frustrating it can be sometimes to carry around a big paint box, brushes, water bucket, canvas.. and the list goes on. But our customers have used the Folding Watercolor Fan before and totally loved it! It's amazing to feel the joy of watercoloring anywhere in such a small and subtle case.

Add a little Water.. Dip, Mix, Create!  

The variety of solid watercolors will let you experiment with different tones and hues. Just add water to our exclusive WaterPen and press gently on the watercolor pad. When the pigment starts to flow use the white palette included to mix colors or add more water to achieve your desired tone. Then start giving life through colors to your masterpieces! 

You can also use the included washable sponge to reduce moisture or pigment on your brush. Remember to wash and clean your sponge often to keep it neat! 

A Fantastic Gift for an Art Grasshopper! 

We are all about Colorful Art Gifts. We have tried the Folding Watercolor Fan and we definitely consider it a wonderful gift for children or people that is just starting with painting. The convenience and versatility of the Folding Watercolor Fan make it an art tool that eases the process of artistic involvement and creativity. Just imagine bringing to reality all your colorful ideas wherever you are. 

It's also great for kids because it's SO simple! A water brush and a set of colors, that's all included and it's all you'll need with our Folding Watercolor Fan to get started. 

Here are a few more reasons why 

the Folding Watercolor Fan is amazing! 

  • Reduces stress and anxiety. 
  • Lets your creativity flow 
  • Endless possibilities through color mixing
  • A relaxing activity that promotes mindfulness
  • Portable Case that fits your pocket or handbag
  • A simple way to build interest in art and painting for kids

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  • A Folding Watercolor Fan (The size depends on the number of colors)
  • High concentration solid Watercolors. Bright, natural and delicate colors. (Number of colors depends on your order).
  • Our exclusive WaterPen INCLUDED in all orders.
  • A washable sponge.


This set includes everything you need to get yourself painting right away!

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We are determined to process your order within 3 business days.
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We guarantee that it will be worth the wait once it's in your hands!


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