Tips to Master the Art of Paint By Numbers for Beginners

Are you an artist looking for a new way to express yourself? Or maybe you're just looking for a fun activity and an easy new skill to enjoy a lot of time at home. Either way, painting by numbers may bring you a memorable painting experience!

If you're interested in learning how to paint by numbers, but don't know where to start, this guide is the right track for you! This beginner's guide will teach you the basics of painting by numbers, from choosing a good project, guiding you through the painting process, and setting up your art hideout in your living room.

Here are a few tips to help you get started. We guarantee that by the end, you'll be ready to tackle any painting project! Let's do this!

A Look Back at the First Paint by Numbers Kits

Paint by numbers is a painting method that became popular in the 1950s. It was originally marketed as a way to teach children how to paint. The numbered kit includes a canvas pre-printed with one of the various designs and a set of numbered paint pots.

We would follow the instructions to fill in each numbered section of the numbered canvas with the corresponding color.

Today, paint by numbers is enjoyed by people of all ages as a form of art and entertainment. There are many different designs available, including landscapes, animals, flowers, cities, and famous paintings.

Benefits of Paint by Numbers

When painting by numbers, people are often able to find a sense of calm and focus with this new hobby. We consider it the best way to relieve stress and find some peace in your day, it is even considered a form of art therapy that has the potential of improving the mental health of older adults.

In addition, painting by numbers is a great way to improve your artistic skills. With this art project, beginner artists can turn into talented artists without requiring expensive art classes or a long time.

You can customize your painting in different ways, for example, by choosing the digital picture of your canvas and giving your personal touch to the finished painting. You can also choose the number of colors you would like to get, enhancing the level of detail and the level of difficulty of your particular painting.

Plus, it's the perfect gift for any occasion. We definitely recommend you try out a personalized paint by numbers kit or get one and prepare the perfect anniversary gift for your couple or as a great way to show your love to someone.

How to Start Painting with Paint by Numbers

Are you looking for a creative and affordable way to start this relaxing activity? Here are some steps to help you get started and get the best results:

1. Choose the right kit. When you're shopping for a paint by numbers kit, make sure you choose one that's appropriate for your skill level. If you're a beginner, choose a kit with a simpler design and fewer colors.

Acrylic paints are the best quality paints to start with and make sure the kit has everything you need to start painting right away, like paint brushes, painting kit, numbered canvas, and so on.

2. Choose your color plan. Once you've received your kit, select the colors you want to use first. The best paint by numbers kits come with a color guide so you can easily match the colors in the chart to the corresponding areas on the numbered areas of the canvas.

We recommend you start with the darkest colors first and then move on to the lighter colors. 

3. Begin painting! Follow the instructions in your kit to begin painting. One useful tip is to start first painting the background or the darker colors, and then add brighter colors over it.

4. Yet, our pro tip is... have fun!

How to Make Your Paint By Numbers Project Look Like a Masterpiece?

One of the great things about painting is that you can become a great artist during your free time. The most important thing is that you are disciplined and with practice, you'll get more confident in your painting skills and feel more comfortable creating beautiful paint by numbers masterpieces.

The following are a few tips and ideas to take into account:

Tip #1 Setting Up Your Painting Area

Master The Art of Custom DIY Paint By Numbers

Gather your painting materials and tools, and look for the best place at home to start painting.

First, you will need a flat surface, such as a table, the floor, or an artist easel. Lay down the canvas on a flat surface.

You would want to have a paper towel, a paint cup, clean water in your paint brush cleaning organizer clean your brushes, and some background music that matches the lighter colors of your project.

For adult paint by numbers, due to the small numbers on the canvas, we would also advise getting your hands on a magnifying glass.

Make sure that you're in a comfortable space where you can dive into your mind, travel through your memories and ultimately create something out of the ordinary!

Tip #2 Mixing Colors

The best kits will provide you with an individual pot of paint for every particular color. This is just a way to create an easier paint process.

But a talented artist would step up a notch and mix some of these oil paints to create unique paint patterns on the canvas. Of course, you want to have various tones so as a rule of thumb, try mixing dark colors with dark colors and bright colors with bright colors.

For larger areas, it would be advisable to apply extra paint to achieve the best results.

Remember to try in small areas first your new paint colors to see how each one will blend in with one another and what tone ultimately results from mixing before applying it completely on a larger section of the canvas.

Tip #3 Be Patient

Allow yourself plenty of time to complete the project, if necessary. Painting by number can be a fun, relaxing activity, so don't feel rushed if you don't have to be.

In fact, many people find the process of painting by number to be very peaceful and calming. It can be a great way to wind down after a long day or to take a break from stressful tasks.

So, don't feel bad if you're not an artist - just grab a paintbrush and some paint, and enjoy the experience!

Tip #4 Follow the Patterns

One of the great things about numbered painting is that it's all about following patterns. When it comes to painting by numbers, larger areas are typically divided into smaller sections.

This makes it easy to stay within the lines and create a cohesive piece of art. Plus, it's a great way to add detail and complexity to your work.

Try not to overlap the colors, this can make your finished product look messy. On the other hand, make sure you use the right brushes for the areas of color you are applying paint on. 

Tip #5 Be Creative!

While it's important to follow the instructions, feel free to make small changes or additions that will make your painting unique to you. Adding personal touches to your paintings can make all the difference to your piece of art.

By making small changes or additions, you can give your painting a unique look that is all your own. Be creative and experiment with different techniques and ideas. The possibilities are endless, so have fun with it!

How to Add Depth and Texture to Your Paintings for a More Lifelike Look

Art of Custom DIY Paint By Numbers Projects

When painting by numbers, you will realize that for some colors, you will need more than one layer of paint to achieve the desired color brightness and to fully cover the numbers on top of the canvas.

Different colors will have a different effect, but you would definitely want to consider adding a second or even a third layer of paint for the lightest color.

You could also consider applying white paint first to cover some of the subtle shades of the colors pre-printed on the canvas.

The wet paint, however, will need to go through a full-drying time before it is ready for the second layer, ultimately this would take a bit more time to finish, but the results will be astonishing!

Learn to Paint With DIY Paint-By-Numbers

For a beginner paint artist, there are no shortcuts to becoming an artist, and it takes years of practice and studying art to become proficient enough to paint amazing works of art on your own.

But when painting by numbers, you will still develop and learn the fundamentals of painting, the painting techniques, and the paint brushing skills required to paint like a pro.

It will take lots of practice and time, but when one has mastered all the fundamentals of painting and can perform even the most basic tasks quickly and easily, the fun and satisfaction of seeing the results can provide a satisfying sense of accomplishment!

Where to Buy Paint By Number Kits

Paint by numbers DIY kits allow art enthusiasts to hone their skills or talents from scratch. Moreover, these kits are excellent tools for beginners because they already have everything you need to make a project go off without a hitch.

If you're ready to learn how to make your own custom paint by numbers project, or you know someone who wants to try one, we can help you get started with a DIY kit!

You can also browse through our selection of colorful designs. Visit us here today to discover more about our paint by numbers for beginner art projects!

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