Get Creative: Try These 10 Unique Paint by Numbers Ideas for Adults

What is Paint by Numbers? 

Painting by numbers consists of painting over a numbered canvas that has been sectioned into small areas with the corresponding color. It is a relaxing activity and the best part is that you are able to paint a beautiful painting of your own photo.

Painting by numbers is also the best gift and a fun way to spend quality time with someone you love.

Bring life to any image using bright colors and high quality paint brushes! Painting by numbers is an amazing chance for adults to paint regardless of their art experience or skills. Believe in your talent and create beautiful masterpieces by numbers!

In our website you can turn any photo into a mind-blowing masterpiece without having to be an artist with Custom-Made Paint by Numbers Kits for adults.

The Benefits of Painting by Numbers for Adults

Art Therapy can heal and train the brain

Since 1940, psychologists performing studies on creative expression through art activities, such as coloring, painting, drawing, sculpting, and others; have proven that art has the power of healing and promotes the well-being of people, and cultivates their creative thinking.

Nowadays this is commonly referred to as: art therapy. 

  • Through art therapy, the brain establishes new communications between neurons and ultimately recovers and creates new neural networks.
  • As a result, art therapy is a great choice of treatment to foster well-being and one that can lead to multiple memory, reasoning, communication, and health benefits.
  • For example, art therapy has shown positive results as a treatment method focused on the recovery of patients who suffer from memory loss, people with trauma, dementia, and even patients with Alzheimer's or Autism.

    Painting can reduce stress and anxiety

    When we get to our adult lives, life constantly speeds up. Decision-making, planning, pressure from our duties, and the number of responsibilities and complications are all part of our days.

    We learn to overcome the challenges, but it is also true that we have no choice but to adapt to the present moment and learn to live under constant stress and anxiety. Some people deal with it better than others, but for the ones that are most affected by these conditions, health consequences may arise.

    Although stress and anxiety are common conditions of our daily lives, we must pay attention to controlling and reducing their influence on our routine. Otherwise, they can lead to cardiovascular diseases and a wide array of health conditions that are associated with overwork, stress, personal problems, or improper handling of emotions.

    Many people do not know how to deal with stress and anxiety so they turn to medical professionals.

    • However, medical professionals have shown through medical research that performing tasks such as painting or any hobby that involves a creative process can improve mental health by reducing stress and anxiety.

    • Painting by numbers can be a small getaway for adults to escape into a world of color, calm, and introspection. Oil paint in your spare time and escape for a little while from the pressure and burdens of life.
    • This artistic journey will lead you to recover balance and connect with your soul while creating a beautiful masterpiece without even having to be a talented artist.

    Painting can develop and recover manual skills

    The brain is the executing center for all motions and functions. Physiotherapists recommend activities that enhance gross and fine motor skills. Even simple designs will require steady hand and hand-eye coordination.

    • Painting meets both aspects and is a therapeutic approach to treating people with motor impairments due to accidents, brain injuries, or birth conditions.
    • Painting is, therefore, an excellent method to improve cognitive abilities, coordination, and motor skills.

      Painting promotes imagination and creativity

      As human beings, we are imaginative by nature and enjoy creating and innovating. And yet, sometimes, being immersed in our routine or having a constant tight schedule can lead us to progressively lose our creativity.

      The good news is that this loss is temporary and can be reverted by training your imagination.

      • Studies show that painting, mixing colors, and using your imagination is the perfect way to activate the pineal gland and both hemispheres of the brain.
      • As you develop yourself in painting, you will notice that you have greater mental fluidity, you find solutions to everyday problems faster, you feel your imagination expands and you have a constant desire to create.
      • All of these are implicit benefits of painting. Plus, it is a combination of relaxing and having fun while in the comfort of your home.

        Painting can be a powerful hobby

        Health experts and scientific research have proven that having a hobby is highly recommended for adults as a form of therapy.

        Art therapy is the ultimate way to help you disconnect from everyday life and it’s an easy way to relieve stress.

        As therapy, art turns out to be an element of healing, relaxation, and personal transformation widely used by adults. The magic about adult paint by numbers is that no matter your skill level you'll be able to dive into creative projects.

        Adult man painting a scenery


        Our online store was created considering the benefits of paint by numbers to people's lives, yet making the process of purchasing, custom-making, and painting easier and much more accessible to everyone.

        Top 10 Photo Ideas you Can Turn into Paint by Numbers

        No more excuses, paint everything you want! You are now capable of turning yourself into a true artist by diving into the world of painting. Give color to memories and emotions and you will have a special gift with deeply personal and sentimental value.

        Since we know sometimes you might run short of ideas of what to paint, don’t worry we’ve got you covered!

        Below you’ll find the Top 10 Photo Ideas you Can Turn into Paint by Numbers (based on more than 3000 DIY paint orders from our customers). We are convinced that one or more of these reasons will bring out that great artist in you.

        Remember that on our website, you can order your own customized paint by numbers kit. Just choose your favorite photo, upload it on our website and receive your complete ready-to-paint kit with high-quality paints at the door of your home or office.

        1. Me & You Photo

        Painting a photograph of both of you is a great gift. It is also the best way to start a hobby together and spend a long time doing an activity together. This way you both will bring to life a beautiful memory that will last forever.

        We are constantly busy and lack the time to attend advanced paint lessons. But you don't need to take art classes or be a professional artist.

        On the other hand, making your own paint by numbers takes quite some time, so you can give yourselves an activity to enjoy together at home for a couple of hours.

        We highly recommend you prepare a good wine and snacks to share while painting together with your DIY Custom Paint by Numbers for Adults kit.

        2. Family Photo

        Family is everything. They will always be there to fill our lives with support and unconditional love. Choose a great quality photo of those spectacular vacations you enjoyed together, a photo that represents the values of your family, or a family photo with those that have left but are still with us at every moment.

        This would be an ideal birthday or Christmas gift for art lovers. Another fantastic idea is to create your own family tree and send us the design so we can turn it into a Custom-Made Paint by Numbers for Adults kit.

        This way you will have an opportunity to enjoy and share an artistic project that you and your loved ones will admire with much love in your hearts.

        3. Photo of a Loved One

        What greater tribute can you do to a loved one than by giving him or her an original painting of your wedding photo. Yes, a beautiful design painted by you, with your own hands, carrying a deep emotional connection.

        You may have a boyfriend/girlfriend, family member, or best friend leaving the country or going through difficult times. Paint by numbers for adults kit would be a great way to give that person a memory, a piece of art to remember. 

        Just choose a casual photo you took during that morning walk, family BBQ, or during that fancy dinner you had together. Choose a memory that deserves to become a painting. Frame it and don’t forget to add a large red bow to make it a spectacular gift.

        You can achieve this by making your own paint by numbers. We will help you create beautiful memories!

        4. Day with your Friends

        Do you remember those moments hanging out with childhood friends, the crazy things you did some time ago, those golden memories of a trip together? Now we are adults and life goes by like a breeze. Yet, life is made up of moments and photos turned into paintings are the most beautiful and out-of-the-box way of freezing time. 

        The best custom paint by numbers kit is the one able to capture in colorful artwork the essence of days of laughter, achievements, and even goodbyes. So, take your time to choose a photo that takes you through that rollercoaster of memories and special moments of the past. 

        5. Bring a Self-Portrait to Life

        Strengthening self-love is essential for self-esteem. As adults, we must learn to love and accept ourselves, accept who we are and what we have accomplished, reflect on self-confidence, and simply make life beautiful. 

        Turn your self-portrait photo into a personalized paint by numbers kit, and create a piece of art inspired by yourself.

        Prepare for a journey of meditation, a visualization process with every stroke of your paintbrush of who you are, your experiences, the things you have accomplished, and those goals that are yet to be achieved.

        With our hanging kit, this special artwork can be hung in your place of work or study, it will help you reflect on your dreams whenever you see it. Or you can also give it to someone who loves you and who enjoys seeing you every day!

        6. Holiday Memories

        2020 taught us that traveling, exploring, and sharing together are one of the most amazing things we can do. We never thought we would be stuck at home, missing all those moments.

        Grab a photo of that special trip with your family, the tropical beach memories with the kids, a birthday cruise, or the backyard BBQ with the family.

        Let these holiday memories become the inspiration for a Custom Paint by Numbers kit for Adults. We are confident that any photo of your amazing travels can be turned into a masterpiece of various sizes worth exhibiting in the living room or hanging in your favorite corner of the house. 

        Even though traveling might still not be around the corner, we guarantee that painting the different colors of that dream destination will take you on an imaginary journey that will help you visualize whatever place it is you would like to visit next. 

        7. Pet Photo

        Idea of a custom-made painting by numbers of two dogs

        Those who own pets know that these furry four-legged beings are pure and unconditional love. Turn any photo of your dog, cat, piglet, turtle or that pet that fills your heart with love and company into a personalized paint by numbers kit.

        You’ll feel amazing giving life and colors to the beautiful innocence and loyalty of your pet with high-quality materials. 

        A Personalized Paint by Numbers for Adults kit is also a beautiful way to remember that loved pet that was with you in your childhood days and that you want to remember forever with numbers art.

        8. Childhood Memories

        We all keep extraordinary childhood memories that we treasure in our minds and hearts. Those moments that have endured through time in a photo are the key inspiration for a colorful art gift for adults that can bring pure happiness. 

        Now a few years have passed, it is time to open that chest of memories and check that photo album or the images folder on your computer, look for a golden memory of your childhood or the childhood of your kids.

        Get ready to have a blast, and travel back in time with this unique experience of painting a memory. Be sure to have your phone book ready to make some calls to those old friends worth sharing with this experience.

        9. Your Own Stunning Photos

        If you are passionate about photography and you took an extraordinary photo that you can’t stop looking at, you have the perfect reason to give it a new look by turning it into a numbered oil painting.

        Bring out your inner artist and share your piece of art with friends and family. You’ll feel proud of your skills exhibiting the final product in a special place at home.

        10. Explore your Creativity!

        As adults, sometimes we forget to foster and build our creativity. Yet it can turn out to be an amazing and gratifying activity to nurture your own creativity by making your own paint by numbers masterpiece by painting famous paintings of artists like Vincent Van Gogh or Leonardo Da Vinci.

        You could also experience abstract painting with our number art kit. Turn any image you love into a masterpiece by numbers! Seriously, get creative!

        The cover of the latest Harry Styles album, the Joker’s face, your favorite cartoon, an anime figure, or a poster of your favorite K-pop star, you can turn anything into a Paint by Numbers for Adults kit just by following the corresponding paint color of your numbered canvas. Bring the artist in you, painting only what you love!

        Get a Custom Paint by Numbers Kit today!

        On our website, we offer custom-made paint by numbers kits. These kits are unique and special gifts that allow anyone, regardless of their painting skill level, to make a work of art.

         Navigate to this section of our website and start your order by uploading a photo to make your own personalized kit.

        All of our kits include:

        • A personalized paint by number canvas (with the design of the photo you upload on our site)
        • High-quality brushes with different sizes.
        • A set of water-based acrylic paints (we offer enough paint, don't worry!)
        • A guide to aid you in your painting process. 
        • Non-trace hooks and screws to mount and enjoy your masterpiece on the wall.
        • You can also order an optional frame.

        Benefits of Our Custom-Made Kits

        With our Personalized Paint by Numbers Kit, you only need to follow the color guide included in any particular painting, match the number of each color with the numbered areas on your canvas and bring your photo to life.

        Your custom paint by numbers kit will gradually turn into a work of art as it magically reveals in front of your eyes. Give it a try and live this art experience!

        Your paint by numbers kit is all you need to be an artist today, no need to worry about painting skills. There are amazing benefits to art, and sometimes we don’t really get into it because of that feeling that we suck at it. Not anymore.

        Choose the Right Photo for your Personalized Kit

        These wonderful tips will help you decide which photo to turn into a custom-made paint by numbers for adults kit:

        • As we want you to enjoy this painting experience with the best results, we recommend that you choose high-quality images. Better quality and the right size format will have better results when it comes to the numbered areas you would have to color.
        • If you are choosing an image with a large amount of detail (like a big family picture), then we recommend selecting a larger canvas size. That way it will be easier to paint small details such as eyes and hair, and the result will be amazing.
        • Consider that our paint by numbers kit will adjust as accurately as possible to the properties of the image, including color, brightness and saturation. Make sure to check that the colors of the picture are as natural as possible since the kit will match all the aspects of the photo uploaded. The better the photo looks, the better your painting will be!

        What are you waiting for?

        A custom paint by numbers kit is a perfect gift for adults. Turn their personal favorite photo into a paint-by-numbers kit. We are sure they’ll love it!

        On our website, you can turn any photo into a mind-blowing masterpiece without having to be an artist with Custom-Made Paint by Numbers Kits for adults.

        Through art meditation for adults, you will be able to relax, reduce your stress, and experience endless gratifying sensations that only art can give you.

        Infographic of the Benefits of Paint by Numbers for Adults

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