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Colorful Art Gift

Custom Diamond Painting Kit

Custom Diamond Painting Kit

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Diamond Painting is SUPER easy! 

The whole canvas is filled with small symbols and an adhesive layer, you'd need to follow the symbol/color chart to know where to place each diamond color. That's it! 

So YES! It's fantastic for both adults and kids over 6 years old. There is nothing more rewarding than your kids feeling proud of the great masterpiece they diamond painted by themselves

(Due to the tiny diamonds, this activity is not advisable for kids under 6 years old) 


With our unique Custom Diamond Painting, enjoy diamond painting your own photos! 

Your favorite romantic photo, family photo, a nice memory with friends, your cute pet, or a wonderful selfie with your loved one! Any photo looks amazing being made up of shiny diamonds. 

** For better results, a more detailed image or an image with more than 2 people would look better on a larger size canvas. Diamonds are like image pixels! 


Diamond Painting is SO much fun! 

DIY Custom Diamond Painting is a whole new way of painting.  This craft brings hours of enjoyment and peace, plus the results are amazing! We have tried diamond painting and absolutely love it.  

What's included?

Each kit includes everything you need to create your Diamond Painting

  • A Custom-made Diamond Painting Canvas (Size depending on your order)
  • 1x set of diamonds
  • 1x premium toolkit.


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